duoimho (duoimho) wrote,

State incentive for higher education in backward regions

Subsidy students for tuition at the student entrance branch to the university in the poor region on the stranata lefta e vizoka. Celta e taka indirectly and se stimuli economic schcolarship development on the theses of the region. Tova is preceded by promenas in a nyakolko resolution on the government, publicity for public discussion from the Ministry of Education and Science. From the third, the ministry is crushed and introduced restrictions for admission to students in the areas of "Informatics and Computers of Science" and "Comunicationna and Computer Technology," in which it is possible to reach se Nasrchavashe in naked bra at the student's visit. For sweeping on the stock of the stimulator in a holemic way, the reception in nyakolko is new to the direction, among the koito "Pedagogy for Training in," "Religion and Theology," "Physical Science," "Chemically Sciences," "Energetics," "Materials and Metal Science." In a rush of time, the nyama and se will release the broikes for the rust of flogging on "Iconomics" and "Administration and Management" at the university, which is the imat nisk rating for training on the theses of the direction. Here is a stimulator of the turnover accepted by a tourist student at the university of Varna and Burgas.
Tags: education, regions, scholarship, state incentive for higher, students

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