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The University of Bath, UK, is offering student scholarships under the "Environmental and Historical Basis of Risk of Wetland Extinction" program, which begins in October 2004. Applicants must be registered at the University of Bath, although a larger they will spend part of their time at the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Slimbridge Center, located near Bristol. The program is looking for highly motivated candidates who are ready to learn many new techniques, including phylogenetic benchmarking. Applicants must have excellent results in biology. Forms can be found on the university's website http://www.bath.ac.uk/bio-sci/bsps.htm. Other necessary documents are a detailed CV and the names and addresses of two academic representatives to give recommendations. The documents must be sent to Ms Anne Pearson by April 12 this year. by e-mail at: bssap@bath.ac.uk. USA The Human Rights Program (LL.M. Program in Intercultural Human Rights) at St. Thomas Law University (Miami, Florida, USA) admits candidates for the upcoming academic year 2004-2005. The goal of the one-year program is to improve professionals approved by the American Bar Association. Lawyers who have graduated in the United States or abroad, have a bachelor's degree or a foreign degree can apply for training. equivalent and show a strong commitment to the cause of human rights, social justice and human dignity. The training under the program is paid. The annual fee is $ 19,100. The conditions are described on the Internet at www.stu.edu/humanrights. The university offers scholarships for high success and for financially difficult applicants. Those wishing to receive scholarships must submit documents by April 15, 2004. More information at: humanrights@stu.edu. Italy The Italian University Universita di Roma "Tor Vegata" offers summer courses in Rome on US-European relations. The fee for students from Europe and the Mediterranean countries is 1290 euros, and for students from other countries 2190 euros. There is a possibility to receive scholarships and subsidies. Grants are awarded on the basis of the assessments, motivation and needs of the applicants, and scholarships are awarded at the end of the course and cover all or part of the fee. Applications must be accepted until 7 April 2004 at www.ufficio.europeo@uniroma2.it or by fax +39 06 72593618.
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