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Civic education at school

WinScuola has published a textbook in digital or paper format for lower secondary and two-year secondary students for Civic Education. The volume "Civic education at school" consists of the same eight topics provided for by Law 92/2019 which reintroduces teaching starting from this new school year. The text is the result of a synergistic work of the authors, teachers and professionals, with an ideal format for integrated digital teaching, by concepts, modular, multimedia and transversal, offering a valid support for both teachers and students to train the new generations to be responsible, active and aware citizens in civic, cultural and social life. The contents are developed with tweets, screenshots, keywords, influencers, timelines, webquests, playlists, posts, forums, challenges and concept maps, favoring a self-consistent use that favors interactions and connections for an active study with ideas for the more traditionally curricular subjects that can come from Civic Education, and vice versa. The book also extends into its own web platform, available free to teachers who they will adopt it, for a natural updating and constant integration because the material ("non-material" as Roberto Maragliano points out in his presentation) is evolving, never static, suitable for a network environment to be used at school or at home even by students. On the Winscuola website More information, complete index, list of keywords and an abstract of the volume are available or write to info@winscuola.com From the volume index (AA.VV., Civic education at school, Winscuola, Rome 2020): • Constitution and institutions of the Italian State (Vittoria Esposito) • Institutions of the European Union and international organizations (Massimo Montagner) • 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Paolo Quadrino) • Education for digital citizenship (Vindice Deplano) • Fundamental elements of law, with particular regard to labor law (Elena Rendina) • Environmental education, eco-sustainable development and protection of environmental heritage, identities, productions and territorial and agri-food excellence (Rita Pirozzi) • Education on legality and the fight against mafias (Giovanni Rosso) • Education to respect and enhance the cultural heritage and common public goods (Licia Landi) • Basic training in the field of Civil Protection (Francesco Leonetti)
Tags: active, civic, education, school

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